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We’re about to enter a NuDirections experience. Do not expect a easy way to classify these vibes. Let me help you : Electism. WHAT ? Oh, a delicate mix of eccletism inner sources with fresh electro sounds. Listen to this music and you’ll discover a true Music History. Imagine a Combination of Funk, Gospel, Pop, Jazz, Soul, African vibes, House, Lounge, Smoothly mixed and cooked to deliver One of the best sound ever. This receipt is based on life : everybody’s need a time to chill after tough Moments. Once you push the Play Button, be prepared to sweat while dancing with your whole body. Oh oh, calm down a little bit, it’s cool now. Relax. Easy. It feels weird ? Well, you’ve just discover the NuDirections Experience. w e l c o m e.


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Jess 02/11/2009 21:35

Bonnes Vibes et frais. Tres agrable a l'ecoute